Friday, 26 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011

This year my brother, Jack Britton, performed with 'Gagging for Attention' at Edinburgh Fringe, a show composed by DMU's footlights. Going along for family support, we never expected what an amzing few days we would have.

Stepping off the airlink bus, we were surrounded by a mass of gothic architecture framed by the ever so close and gorgeous hilly landscape. Whilst getting lost on the way to our hostel, we were bombarded with flyers and information about the amazing range of shows that were on throughout the festival. It now seems naive to not have expected this, as everyone who performs flyers to get people to their shows, and I had to empty my bag every few hours.

Meeting up with my mum and jack, Josh and I joined them to see The Horne Section in George Square. This late night comedy variety show was so brilliant. They combined a sense of circus with nightly-changing special guests (we were lucky enough to see Simon Munnery, Ed Byrne and Beardyman!). The audience participation was hilarious and we came out absolutley buzzing from our first show.

The next day, we packed in as much as possible, starting with Shakespeare's Monkeys, a small free production starring two female comedians performing hilarious Shakespeare alternatives. Sitting at the front row, Josh received the full brunt of the participation, being named 'Gemma' (Macbeth's witches personal assistant) throughout the entire performance. Hilarious.

Gagging for attention was brilliant and I am very proud of my baby bro performing to sold out audiences! The comedy from these youngsters is fresh, dry and genuinly very, very funny. They are a great bunch and we are positive they will be going very far on the comedy circuit!

The best show we saw by far was Randy Is Sober, a puppet performance by an Australian comedian. Brilliantly funny and breaking the fourth wall. I laughed uncontrollably at times and seemed to quite annoy the man next to me.

Coming back to England was pants. Edinburgh is the most beautiful city I've ever been to and it won't be long at all before we go back!

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