Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Diesel Island Disco

The summer has begun! And it kicked off in serious style this year at The Old Library, with Diesel’s Island Disco – beginning their Diesel School of Island Life Project – a series of lessons, field trips and parties featuring inspiring industry experts from creative and cultural fields’ (Mr Hudson being one to grace the walls of The Custard Factory at a separate event in May).

The set up was a day of creative productivity which transformed The Old Library into Diesel Island – a place for the cool kids of retail across the land of Birmingham to be immersed in the sounds of artists such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Mumdance as well as an array of complementary summer rum cocktails and fruit ciders.

Diesel supplied their own set and theming (which had travelled the length of the UK for previous Island Discos) including some wonderfully handmade cardboard foliage which took over , and almost seemed to grow throughout the night, twisting up our grand archways and creeping in behind our newly refurbished bar. Various backdrops were roped up inside and out of the venue, displaying a taste of island life and the fabulous fashions that can be seen there. And of course, what would a 2011 summer party be without a bit of bunting (or in this case… a lot of bunting!) The stage was surrounded by bamboo and cleverly placed on each side, were two projectors, flaunting the mass tweeting and huge buzz around the Diesel Island Disco’s that had been and still to come to major cities in the UK.

The party was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all guests, staff and crew. We are very proud to have hosted such a popular event and really look forward to seeing the Diesel Islander’s again very soon.

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