Friday, 29 January 2010

Lycanthrope Reminiscant

In my Tutorial today, I was advised to research classic figures in horror. In looking at werewolves ( i actually typed in lycathrope as i knew this would be less scary..) i found this still from Dog Soilders. Haven't seen it for years! I love this film but the werewolves are a bit uncovincing. I think the bodies are ok (different - not your typical fur, but whats with that shine?) but the heads are stationary most of the time, the mouths never seem to open and close - a key part of a werewolf yes??

I have also now changed my idea and am very excited now that i have more of a direction. I will be designing some form of cart / travelling set which will inhabit puppets and set pieces inspired by the goosebumps stories i am looking at. The technical elements of this will be designed using Google Sketch up. I will go on then to make parts of the cart ( eg a puppet head ) and a costume for the narrator. The idea is basically to have this cart as part of a travelling show to be held at events, theme parks, book promotions, schools etc. I am currently researching carnival floats, travelling theatre companies and will find a type of puppet that will be suitable for my design.

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